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Malvern East Family Dental
  Tucked away, just south-east of the CBD within the City of Stonnington, is one of Melbourne’s most atmospheric suburbs - Malvern. With a plethora of schools, cafes, shopping outlets and picturesque gardens, Malvern has always been an appealing choice for the young and old. Among these frequented resources is the reliable and friendly Malvern East Family ...

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Timely reminder to brush up on oral health
September 5, 2017
During last week’s Dental Health Week, the Australian Dental and Oral Health Therapists Association (ADOHTA) took the opportunity to do its bit to promote oral health education and awareness in the general community. “Within the community, there are many barriers faced by people at most risk for oral diseases who are less likely to access dental care, ” ...

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Researchers develop chewing gum to detect oral inflammation
September 05, 2017
A chewing gum-based diagnostic test developed by a pharmaceutical research team in Germany could lead to earlier detection of infected dental implants, preventing serious complications such as bone loss. In the years after receiving a dental implant, six to 15 per cent of patients develop an inflammatory response caused by bacteria which in the worst case destroys the ...

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August 28, 2017
On average, Australians and New Zealanders consume 14 teaspoons of sugars (60 grams) per day. High consumption of sugars is the primary cause of dental decay and other health problems including overweight or obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and even some cancers. Dental decay can largely be prevented by reducing sugars intakeWhere do Sugars in our daily diet come from?  Natural ...

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