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Malvern East Family Dental


Malvern East Family Dental

Tucked away, just south-east of the CBD within the City of Stonnington, is one of Melbourne’s most atmospheric suburbs - Malvern. With a plethora of schools, cafes, shopping outlets and picturesque gardens, Malvern has always been an appealing choice for the young and old.

Among these frequented resources is the reliable and friendly Malvern East Family Dental practice.


With an ensemble of demographics residing in Malvern East and an industry with as many niche categories as dentistry, there's only one team that can cater to all the possible requirements the Malvern population may need. Whether you have children at primary school in desperate need of a check-up, or you have recently retired in the area and want some cosmetic dental surgery to improve that smile, Malvern East Family Dental has everyone covered.


With a philosophy catered toward the comfort of their patients and family-friendly dentistry, they have a growing list of regular clients who keep coming back for all of their teeth and gum needs. Malvern East Family Dental’s list of services is from comprehensive to more complex procedures, as well as undertaking the simple necessities such as routine check-ups.


In a residential area like Malvern, families looking for a all-in-one service that incorporates all of the dental services the entire family might need should visit the practice. If your son is about to start his first season of AusKick, or your daughter, unfortunately, chipped her tooth on the playground, Malvern East Family Dental’s team have enough experience to help you out.


Similarly, if you have older relatives that are in desperate need of dental assistance, there are services available that relate to gum disease and the implementation of dentures.


The practice aims to establish a friendly relationship with you, and make plans for your teeth moving forward. With a comprehensive questionnaire and conversation with your dentist, the team will be able to determine what the best treatment plan moving forward is. If further decisions need to be made regarding wisdom teeth or alignment issues, the team will point you in the right direction. The dentist will create a personalised plan specific to your needs and budget and give you all of the necessary figures and rates so you can determine what decision is best for you.


Nobody loves going to the dentist, but with Malvern East Family Dental you can rest assured knowing that you will feel very comfortable in the chair. The teamwork towards keeping your smile straight and shiny, whether this means optional cosmetic procedures or just a clean.

If you need any dental service from a check-up to a whitening , Malvern East Family Dental have you covered.
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