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Tooth Wear / Bruxism

Bruxism or tooth grinding and clenching is a common problem that afflicts many of us at different stages throughout our lives. Bruxism is often stress related. Under certain circumstances alteration to the occlusion of the teeth or after a traumatic injury to the temporomandibular joint (jaw joint or TMJ) can cause bruxism and lead to the classic signs and symptoms of this condition. In some cases the pain associated with bruxism can be confused with wisdom tooth pain. Although tooth grinding /clenching can occur during waking hours, this usually occurs whilst sleeping.


Signs and symptoms

The main signs and symptoms of a bruxism problem are:

  • Biting surfaces of the teeth become flat and worn
  • The biting surfaces become sensitive to cold fluids and sugars
  • Tension and tenderness in the muscles surrounding the jaw and in the TMJ
  • Waking in the morning with headaches, and occasionally associated neck or jaw pain
  • Disturbed sleep patterns

Treatment explanation

We can help you by developing a customised bite splint for you to wear while sleeping. The bite splint then takes the punishment that your teeth would normally take during your grinding. This will help minimise the damage associated with this condition. Other treatment options may be available for you depending on severity of your condition.


Treatment time

Impressions are taken of your teeth and you will be required to return for collection and the fitting of your protective guard. Follow-up visits may be required for adjustments.





Malvern East Family Dental Toothwear Bruxism


Malvern East Family Dental Bruxism Tooth Wear Model